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“Cutting Vision” website is the vision of a small group of men and women dedicated to the metal cutting industry.

Our vision is to create a vivid and professional community, sharing knowledge and experience with one another.

Our website – is your website.

During our years of work in the industry, we found that it is becoming more and more difficult to find up-to-date information on several topics in our industry and that there isn’t any “one stop shop” where we can ask a question and search for answers that will be 100% objective and trust worthy.

“Cutting Vision” was established in order to answer those exact needs.

Members of the community can log in to their account FREELY and share their work and ideas, articles and photos with the entire community.

Members can upload images, write articles or suggest an addition to an existing item.

Members can read and enjoy the ideas and knowledge of others in our community.

Each member can add an item to his own personal profile board, rate an item, share it via social networks and connect with other members of the community via email.

We keep our community clean and professional.

We are obligated to do the best we can in order to prevent insults or bad criticism that may cause damage to a member or a business in the metal cutting tools industry.
We desire to be the source of knowledge of the people in the metal cutting tools industry.

We invite you to join our community and share stories and knowledge.

This is a great opportunity to show what you know as a community PRO!
If you need any help with your articles, feel free to ask!


We’re at [email protected]

We’re looking forward to see you as an active member of our community!