KENNEMETAL to solve inserts “V “braekage in ISO turning?

Before we discuss KENNEMETAL first  a little background.....

Those  of us who machine exotic materials (such as  INCONEL®, titanium, and other heat-resistant alloys), are well aware of the breakage you get just above the cutting edge  of the ISO insert you used to machine  the work piece.

This phenomenon  happens just at the end of our AP depth.

  The reason it occurs,  is  a result of massive  heat created in this kind of process which creates fast   oxygenation just at this  specific part of the insert.

This kind of ware is actually a martial failure of the insert at that part, and gets the name "V" breakage for it's unique shape.





Where as the cutting edge is still in a relative  low wear ,and could be used for a longer work time, the fracture developing above shortens the insert's tool life and creates  a burr at the edge of the work piece. 



  With KENNEMETAL  new "Beyond™"  grade  line,  and grade KCU10™, you can easily minimize the insert damage !

This new grade promises to make the "V "shape into a "U "shape and thus preventing the breakage to develop while working.

 SO just remember all your work Piece  needs is "U"....

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