SECO TOOLS | PCBN Hard Turning Grades

Learn about our new PCBN grades in this product introduction video.

Learn about our new PCBN grades in this product introduction video featuring Chad Miller, Product Manager for Turning and Advanced Materials, and Aaron Eller, Product Technician for Advanced Materials. PCBN grades CH0550, CH2540 and CH3515 round out Seco’s line of PCBN grades for precision machining of hardened steel workpiece materials. Over 70 new inserts have been introduced across these three grades. Combined with the existing grade CBN060K, this product range covers applications in materials ranging from ISO H05 to H35. The new PCBN grades incorporate a bimodal substrate with coarser grains to boost toughness and wear resistance. Tis results in high productivity and long predictable insert life. The inserts provide value in a wide range of applications, including automotive components such as gears, shafts, rings, CV-joints and pinions. CH0550 excels in long continuous cuts with smooth entries and exits. CH2540 is designed for interrupted cuts and mixed operations featuring both interrupted and continuous cutting. CH3515 is the toughest grade in the family and is recommended for hardened steel applications with heavy interruptions. Upload by: Ashley
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