TDM next generation

Two years ago when TDM Systems set up the Tool Lifecycle Management (TLM) strategy, traditional Tool Data Management was taken on a higher level. The unique selling point of TDM software is that the system not only manages and makes available information that has already been fed in, but most notably, it also collects the data generated during production of a workpiece on the machine. Data feedback results in a continuous improvement process (CIP).



TDM Systems is developing a new software generation called “TDM next generation” to improve support of users in implementing their Industrie 4.0 requirements and features excellent performance, global networking and easy scalability. All existing TDM modules as well as TDM Global Line modules are used simultaneously in the state-of-the-art platform, which yields maximum investment security for users. The update to TDM next generation, which will be available with the next main release in early 2017, will enable customers to completely overhaul and modernize their TDM software without a complicated system change. This will also make it easier for new customers to enter the world of customized Tool Data Management. The conversion from the previous 2-tier architecture to today's 3-tier architecture increases both performance and process reliability while simultaneously reducing installation and service effort. Additional advantages include simplified interface handling, easy use of on-demand and browser-based solutions and the combined use of standard and engineering solutions. Our customers will always find a solution tailored to their individual needs. The customer—whether a small or large company—is the primary focus of TDM Systems, and any company can use the new software generation to configure the Industrie 4.0 solution according to its requirements.

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